Taste of dishes, the scent of essences and the elegant views.

Author’s cuisine

Our recipes are inspired by the gastronomic richness of Apulia, with original and unique reinterpretation. Tenuta Montenari offers an author cuisine that combines research, passion and creativity. The Cuisine is constantly evolving, surprising without ever losing sight of Mediterranean and local taste and products. It is “gourmet art” because it offers unexpected links between refined ingredients.
Typical Apulian products are declined in the most suggestive recipes of our culinary tradition. We will offer you a taste itinerary characterized by the freshness of the selected raw material, the creativity and the combination of ingredients, the experience in cooking times and techniques, the variety of the dishes served and buffet. Each dish is the result of technique, knowledge and passion; it is the perfect synthesis of beauty, flavours and aromas of Apulia.

Elegant Service

Our Chefs assisted by an efficient brigade de cuisine create new catering projects with a maximum attention to guest’s care; this care is also reflected in the attentive and dedicated service.
Our sommelier will advise you on best wines and drink to be combined at every stage of the event.
Our wine list is constantly evolving and the proposals refers to Italian and international wines.
In the cellars, one used for red wines and one for sparkling wines, champagne and white wines, the bottles rest at the ideal temperature and humidity for their perfect maintenance.
Precious wines are chosen and selected by ours Chef and Sommelier. The Venue is in line with the cuisine of the restaurant: exclusive, refined and elegant.

Sweet emotions

The triumph of taste is also in mignon pastry and soft desserts. In the pastry laboratory of Tenuta Montenari our pastry chefs make desserts by using the best raw ingredients; the Italian pastry taste meets the perfect cake design in all its forms and techniques. We propose a complete service including: the wedding cake customization according to the tastes and needs of the spouses, a taste test of the wedding cake filling and flavours, attention to decorations or cake toppers.
Tenuta Montenari makes buffet of finely decorated desserts that can include cupcakes, biscuits, mini-cakes, single portions, macarons and the original Sweet Table. There will be a spectacular view of cooking areas: pancakes, sweets, chocolate fountain and much more.


In the dishes of excellence meet, the colors mix, the flavors bind. As only in Puglia we know how to do.


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