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Thanks to a fabulous sea and an extraordinary welcome, this is how Salento attracts more and more tourists from all over the world.

Over the years it has become the real attraction to visit in Puglia.

Among all the tourists who arrived in the heel of Italy many are the ones who fall in love with it. This attraction reaches such a point that they decide to celebrate events, parties and ceremonies in Salento in sunny Puglia.

The beauty of the landscapes, the sun setting over the sea and unique locations are what we live in Puglia every day.

And this is how many tourists decide to experience the most important events of their life in Salento, all accompanied by an absolute attention to traditions and food and wine.

Marriage in Lecce and its province has always been an event very much felt by entire communities and not only by the direct families of the spouses. And this is exactly how weddings are repeated at Tenuta Montenari, it will be a festive event for everyone.

We try to keep alive the traditions of the events that accompany the lives of our children, from a confirmation to the day of the fateful yes, passing through baptisms and celebrations.

What sets us apart is our attention to detail.

If you dream of a wedding in a magical and exciting place like Salento, contact us for an appointment!