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Rain during the wedding day is one of the greatest concerns of the spouses, especially those who planned the ceremony or the outdoor reception.

Not being able to predict the day's weather scares a little. The only possibility is to have a plan B, which must necessarily be designed earlier. Tenuta Montenari offers you a Plan B as beautiful as the Plan A. All the phases of the reception designed and organized outside can be organized in the large interior spaces.

"We got married on July 26th, worried at first about the excessive heat, then we were surprised by the rain, not two drops, let's be clear, just a nice shower, but it is said that imperfections and unexpected things make things unique, and so it was for us .. now we are fond of the rain, it reminds us of love, our love and that of our friends and guests who embraced us, sang and danced with us. "

Thanks to the experience of the staff, everything will be perfect. The rain? you will hardly notice it! The aperitif from the garden can be set up in the Dimora. The appetizers can be served in the Palladio Room which, thanks to the panoramic windows, offers a pleasant view of the gardens which, bathed in rain and framed by clouds, will have a magical air. The soft light will give you really suggestive photographic memories and, between umbrellas, clouds and sunny spells, everything will take place with fun and laughter. The reception can continue in the Crystal Room, elegant and bright end. Fruit and Desserts Buffet will be safe in the covered space of the magnificent Amphitheater. A day started with a pout can be transformed in a few minutes into fun and carefree. Enjoy every moment, unique and unrepeatable, be happy, dance, laugh, relax and get excited. Tenuta Montenari will take care of the rest